Signature Layla



Exclusive Full Wedding Management Experience

Our Layla Collection is our most exclusive and most sophisticated of our wedding management experiences. This experience includes all aspects of logistical management; custom designed wedding design, and flawless execution on your wedding day. Our Layla Client has discerning taste and desires to give their guests an evening of a lifetime.


Our management includes in depth consultations to determine the dynamic details of your wedding presentation from start to finish, including finding your dream venue, developing your wedding brand, budget strategy, an innovative online document that allows 24/7 analysis of your wedding, a personalized wedding website , wedding attire assistance, award-winning vendor recommendations, and our coveted and exclusive design meeting with our design + style team to create the customized design of your wedding. We provide checklists and timelines to stay on track throughout the process, and access to an entire team of professionals at our firm. We will work to match budgets with pricing, obtain discounts or complimentary upgrades, review contracts and attend meetings with your key vendors.

Our your wedding day our team handles your entire wedding production with seamless expertise..


Our Layla Collection offers the most luxurious services for our exclusive clients, to ensure each and every detail is executed with stylish results. The fee for our Layla Bride Experience is 20% of the final wedding budget, with a minimum fee of $10,000

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